The Reality of Being a Young Mom

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*Today’s post comes to us from a fellow mommy blogger, Shayla from Spilt Milk Mindful Mommy* Enjoy!


When I got pregnant with EJ, everyone assumed he was an accident. While he wasn’t planned, I would never call him an accident, and as cliche as it sounds – he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.

When people look at young moms, they automatically think that an “oopsie” happened, and that the mother is in way over her head. Waiting until you’re older and more established to have children is a wonderful choice for some people, but for me, I couldn’t imagine not being a young mom.

No matter when you have children, there will be hardships and things that are difficult to handle. There are also amazing pros for all of the different possible times of having children in your life. When you’re older, you may be more financially stable, or feel more prepared. However, being younger comes with just as many upsides.


As EJ grows, I’ll have the energy to keep up with him, I’ll also be able to grow with him. I’ll be 40 when my son is 18, I’ll also be able to enjoy my later years with my husband and travel as I please. More than anything however, no matter when you have a child, they always bring joy and light into your life, and that’s the most important part to me.

If I’m being honest, I didn’t really picture myself ever having children, but life has its own plans. Now I can’t imagine any other future. I’ve heard people say, having children young cuts your life short, you miss out on so many things. I think that’s the most incorrect statement I’ve ever heard.

I get to share everything with my two favorite people: my husband and my son. If I want to hike up a mountain, then I’ll carry my sweet boy on my back and share the view. I’m not missing out on anything, in fact, I’m getting so much more. My child doesn’t hold me back; he pushes me to be better, to be more and to follow every dream I have.

Shayla is a 22 year old mom, with her son EJ and her husband by her side. She shares her experiences as young mom in her blog, as well as recipes and tips on how to diy a homestead. You can find her blog here: