5 SUPER Flexible Side Hustles For Moms

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In todays economy, it seems like every one is flexing their side hustle muscle. Whether you are a stay at home mom trying to make an extra income for your family or a working parent needing to make ends meet, there are a ton of side hustles that can fit your schedule. As a serial side hustler, I’ve utilized many resources to create additional streams of income. Below, find 5 insanely flexible side hustles that can be done on your time!


1. Freelance

I couldn’t recommend freelancing any more than I already do. While it may take some time to get your freelancing career off the ground and become profitable, it is single-handedly the most flexible work I have ever done. As a freelance writer, I communicate with clients via email and work on projects during naptime. Occasionally, I’ll have a client that wants to chat on the phone about a new project, so I just schedule the call during naps. Think you don’t have any marketable skills? You can freelance in almost anything nowadays – writing, editing, graphic design, accounting, bookkeeping.. you name it, you can probably become a freelancer in it.

2. Flip Thrift Store Items

Something I have done on occasion is buying items from a thrift store and flipping them online to make a profit. The key here is to find items that other people actually want to buy and pricing them accordingly. One time, I found a vintage wooden vanity outside that a neighbor had trashed. Now, I’m not suggesting that you go trash picking, but I posted the vanity of Craigslist and sold it the next day for $25. In retrospect, I probably could have gotten more for it, but I really didn’t think it would sell to begin with. I’ve also sold thrifted vintage items on Etsy (Etsy accepts both handmade and vintage items). You can shop on your schedule and post items whenever you have time!

3. Write an eBook

A future goal of mine: write and publish an eBook. eBooks are a great way to create passive income, which is why they are so often recommended as a side hustle. You put in all of the work of writing an eBook, publish it, market it, and then wait until the sales (hopefully) come in. After all is said and done, you can consistently profit from a project you completed years ago.

4. Babysit

With a background in childcare (hello, former nanny here!) I have done my fair share of babysitting gigs. You can babysit in your home with your kids present, or you can go to someone else’s home for a date night. Either way, this works best if you create relationships with families and have a good reputation in your local community. You have the ability to babysit whenever you are available and set your own rate. The more experience you have, the higher you can charge. If you have young kiddos, one of the best perks of babysitting is socialization and playtime for them!

5. Drive for Uber/Uber Eats/Lyft

While you may not like the idea of stranger dangers in your car, delivering food is a very flexible side job. Especially with Uber Eats, where you can log in and work whenever you want. The work is not always guaranteed, as it varies depending on your location and time of day, but it can be a decent way to make a buck. I’ve delivered with Uber Eats before and it isn’t a bad gig.

Finding a flexible side hustle that fits into your busy life does not need to be a challenge. This blog is being written during naptime, just like with every other job I do. With some research and dedication, side hustles can come in any shape or form and fit into your schedule.

What SUPER flexible side hustles do you do?