Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Review

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schmidts-deodorant-schmidts-natural-deodorant-roseIn my quest to decrease my toxin intake, I came across the realm of natural deodorants. A plethora of homemade recipes, sticks that mimic the toxic-filled traditional anti-perspirants, and little glass jars that require a mini spatula to do the trick flooded my search. After more trial and error than I’d like to admit (we are talking about body odor, after all), I have a pretty good idea of what works for my body and what doesn’t. My Rose & Vanilla Schmidt’s deodorant is on its last leg, and while I still use it today, there have been a few bumps in the road (literally).

The Good

The scent. Does it get any more magical than rose and vanilla mixed together?? I think not. This scent combo is absolutely beautiful and practically doubles as a natural perfume.

The stink-fighting abilities. As someone who sweats a lot and is, ahem, fairly smelly, I can appreciate that this kept the stank at bay. It didn’t seem to just mask any bad smells either, which was nice. There’s nothing worse than a strong perfume-y scent on top of a rancid armpit. Yuck.

The Bad

It has a longer application process. This was the first deodorant I’ve ever had where it had to melt before application. This isn’t a terrible thing – but there was a small learning curve for me. I had to figure out my process of putting on deodorant and getting dressed. I’d put on my bra, apply a dollop of deodorant with the spatula, brush out my hair/pick out my clothes, and by that time, the dollop had softened. Then I’d smear the rosy deodorant and get dressed. Nothing fancy, but it is slightly different than just rubbing a traditional deodorant stick on my underarms.

It can feel like sandpaper. Since this deodorant contains baking soda, spreading it around with a heavy hand can cause irritation. I’ve also found that if you overapply and leave a bunch of product behind, the excess roughness isn’t very pleasant.

The Ugly

My body didn’t like it (at first). With a lot of new products, you have to deal with the “adjustment period” in order to see maximum results. This deodorant was so exception. The first week or so of using this, my underarms became angry. I’m talking inflamed, brown-tinged, and cystic bumps angry. There was a point where I couldn’t put my left arm completely down by my side because it hurt so badly.

After that, I took some time off and started using traditional, aluminum filled deodorant again. Once the irritation and cysts went away, and I took a chance at Schmidt’s once more. This time I had zero reactions and only experienced the better part of using natural deodorants.

So, would I purchase this product again? Absolutely. Now I know to use only a small amount and switch to a different product, without baking soda, if any irritation pops up.  Every person is different and has a different body chemistry, so don’t be afraid to experiment to find what works best for you. 

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