10 Ways To Save Money TODAY (Easy & Simple!)

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We could all use more money, right? There are so many ways that you can generate another income, especially with the amount of side hustles available today. I have never heard anyone say that making more money was a bad thing, but what about saving money? Spending less money is the best way to save money, and it is super easy to do. You don’t need to sell your car or get rid of your wardrobe in order to create savings. With these 10 easy, simple tips, you’ll be on your way to saving money right away!

1. Make Coffee At Home

An average coffee can run you anywhere from $3 to $6 for a yummy frothy latte. While I completely understand that homemade coffee is not the same as what you can get from a local coffee shop (coffee addict, here <–), making coffee in your own kitchen can save you a ton of money. If buying coffee is part of your daily morning routine before work, $3 x 5 work days = $15 a week. That's $60 per month, on the low end of the coffee spectrum. Instead, invest in some delicious flavor syrups and a cheap frother to make coffee better than the local shop. It may take some trial and error, but it will save you a bunch of money in the long run.

2. Find Free Entertainment (Or Make It Yourself)

Entertaining a family can be expensive. Good news – most towns have free attractions that you can take advantage of. With young kids, pack up a lunch and hit a local park. For older kids, check out skate parks, trails that can be explored, and beaches. If the weather is less than ideal, fun can be had inside, too! Break out a board game and implement family game night. Showcase your kids’ baking skills to create some delicious treats. Whatever the case, quality entertainment does not need to be expensive.

3. Try An Eat-From-Your-Pantry Challenge

One of my favorite ways to save money in the now, an Eat-From-Your-Pantry Challenge forces you to be resourceful, prevents food waste, and doesn’t require you to purchase new groceries. With this challenge, you create meals from what you have in your refrigerator and pantry. Creativity (and possibly a sense of humor) is a must, but you won’t be heading to the grocery store after work!

4. Listen To Your Parents And Turn Off The Lights

Pretty self explanatory. Remember your parents yelling about turning the lights off? Well, they had a point. Keeping lights on that you aren’t using is an unnecessary waste of electricity, which in turn increases your monthly bill.

5. Plan For “I Don’t Feel Like Cooking” Nights

You may not be feeling this way tonight, but you can use this time to plan for the future. The key is to prevent yourself from ordering takeout or going out to a restaurant, because you’ll have a quick meal on hand. Freezer meals make a great prep-ahead dinner. You can make them yourself (hello, casseroles) or buy premade lasagnas to have stashed away.

6. Walk Or Bike & Go Car-less

No, you don’t have to sell your car. But driving requires gasoline, which costs money. It also puts mileage on your vehicle, which decreases the resale value. If at all possible, walk or bike to your destination. Living in a big city will make this significantly easier, but if you live way out in the country, you might not be so lucky. Walking and biking is also great for your health, which lowers health costs in the long run!

7. Wash Your Laundry In Cold Water

There really is no reason to wash every day clothes in hot water. Unless you are washing cloth diapers, bedding, or pet items, cold water works efficiently to get it all clean. The action of swishing back and forth creates friction, which is what actually cleans your clothing. Of course, hot water works to sanitize and disinfect, but clothes you wore to the office don’t need that harsh of a cleaning. Another perk of using cold water is that it increases the longevity of your clothing by preventing color fading.

8. Only Wash Your Hair Once A Week

Sound crazy? If you’ve jumped on the no-poo bandwagon, you know this trend is all about taking advantage of natural oils. This method not only helps your hair and scalp retain its moisture, it can save you money on beauty products. You don’t need to stop shampooing altogether, though, to reap the financial benefits. Just cut back on your wash routine. Wash only when your hair feels oily. If you usually wash every day, you will go through a transitional period where you hair may feel like a funky mess. This is totally normal so don’t let it discourage you from using less hair products!

9. Make Your Own Products

While I cannot stand behind every homemade product I have produced from my kitchen, using homemade alternatives can definitely save money. The basics of homemade beauty products generally include things that you already have in your home, such as baking soda, oils (coconut, olive, etc.) and every day foods. Search online for inspiration and check out your cupboards to see what you can whip up!

10. Become Crafty & Learn To Love DIY-ing

Learning to do things yourself is not only a money saver, it can also be fun! Need a gift for someone but don’t want to spend the money? A crochet scarf makes a great present. Or maybe a little knit dolly for the children in your life. Depending on what you make, you will have to cover the cost of supplies, but it will be significantly less than buying the gift already made. There is also a sense of satisfaction that comes with creating something from nothing 🙂

Bonus Tip: Practice Minimalism

Minimalism, minimalism, minimalism! Why is this so important that it was necessary to tack it on as a bonus tip? Simple! Minimalists don’t buy things just to buy them. They are intentional with every purpose. Minimalist don’t want a bunch of clutter in their lives, so purchases are kept to a minimum (pun intended).

Saving money can be an easy feat if you want it to be. It doesn’t involve drastic lifestyles changes and can be done with little actions over time. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to saving money in no time!

What are your tips for saving money every single day?