Why A Mother’s Work Is Never Done

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As a mother, I have been through the turbulence that is parenthood and the chaos that comes with raising a little boy. I have battled through the inevitable sleepless nights and have felt the defeat only a parent can feel. I have come to realize that the second I became a mother and brought this little being into the world, I would never stop working. I would forever be on call and expected to be fully present for a 24/7/365 job that just keeps going.

As a mother, we don’t get breaks. Whether we work outside of the home or take care of our babies day in and day out, we never really stop. Even when we take time for ourselves, when we tell the world that we are stepping away for a minute, so please don’t bother me, we are still there. There to kiss boo-boos, mend broken hearts, and be the source of warmth and well-being for the little people we brought into this world.

As a mother, my own mother is still one of my greatest sources of support. She is my go-to when this mama needs to be comforted. When I was young, pregnant, and naïve, she set us up for success with everything we needed for our unborn child. Even though I am an adult and have a family of my own, my own mother is still the person I call when I need someone to hug me from hundreds of miles away. She has never failed to be the backbone in my life. My work as a mother, like my mother before me, will never be done. The cycle will continue on and on, with every child born and every mother made.