I Could Clean The House, But I Choose To Play With You

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I never realized how much of my soul would be invested into being a parent. Motherhood has changed me in all of the best ways possible, in ways I never would have guessed. Before, I was going-going-going, all the time. Rarely stopping to see what was going on around me. Keeping the house clean was a top priority, but not anymore. Now, the greatest importance in my life is you. You, the crazy little toddler who pushes my buttons just right. Because of this, I choose every day to be with you, present and in the moment.

The sink is overflowing with dishes and the vacuum desperately needs to be run. But I’m going to sit down and play with you instead.

I have some work to do, because mama is trying to build up a couple businesses, you know? But, that can wait until after you go to bed.

Sleep training really should have been at the top of our list when we brought you home from the hospital. But how could I pass up cuddling you to sleep every night?

These clothes really should be folded, but you got my attention by throwing them all over the floor. So now I will play alongside you, with the little toy house your daddy just bought.

There are a million things I should be doing right now, but I am going to play with you. Even if it’s just for a moment, I will pause whatever thoughts are racing through my mind and focus on you.

And now, it is late and you are in your bed. I will finish up everything I didn’t get done today, because I chose to play with you. Tomorrow, we will do the same. I will try to clean and work and be productive, but your little voice asking for “mama” will entice me more than any dish that needs to be washed.